Why .Less?

It's all about getting consumers to your web site first by being purposely better!

We are the people’s brand and are in touch with everything that you want and care about online. This powerful innovation is being built by telecommunication engineers who have many years of direct experience reconfiguring and fixing all sorts of consumer browsing issues associated with the internet to make it better for you. Our innovative technology and brand name solutions solves, upgrades and fixes all the major issues that online consumers experience or complain about while using the internet and older web site extensions. What you need to know and use. 

It's all about .LESS™ web site extensions!

Combinations of things you are going to get when you visit a .LESS™ web site domain:
 -- LESS expensive sale prices on goods and services

 -- LESS bandwidth and data transfer (** NO other web site extension out there has any technical advantage like we do!!)

-- LESS expensive home and mobile internet bills (choose .LESS web sites first to save on your data plans)

-- LESS disruptive advertising, spam, phishing, trick to click, fake news and so on.

-- LESS click fraud (AdvertisingStandards.org is doing some amazing things to protect your business from click fraud)

-- LESS expensive advertising prices and costs (marketers we want your digital advertising business, your marketing dollars will go way further over .LESS web sites) 

-- LESS bottle-necked traffic and latency (ask Internet service providers about this major ongoing issue that slows down the network. .LESS web site extensions is the major revenue generator of the 5G / LTE infrastructure that is being implemented to help with the issue. Use 5G and .LESS web site extensions together to get the ultimate internet speed and online SAVINGS!)

-- LESS cyber crimes MORE online security (Identity theft, ransomware, cyber security threats, from hackers, foreign governments and others can now be easily combated by reconfiguring the top level domain space with .LESS Website Extensions! Why keep playing catch up by patching old networks (.com) and software systems? It is more cost effective and easier to get in front of problems by rebuilding the internet from the ground up with ALL the disclosed and undisclosed cutting edge security features and benefits that people want. .LESS Website Extensions™ IS the next era of a safe, secure and profitable internet!)

-- Plus Much, Much, More - Let your imagination run wild

  We are essentially pushing the reset button on the internet for a fresh start!

(Remember that you saw and learned about all of these beneficial things and internet architecture here first!)

Top Level Domains (TLD's) are address extensions like .COM, .EDU and .NET. Our "Brand Name TLD's" will soon become a highly valued and prized asset to web site owners and developers. Our TLD's will have prestigious quality standards and patent pending features that will ensure every online consumer will always get the highest quality browsing experience, while increasing download speeds for PC's and mobile devices!

Note the intended uses below. What does .LESS™ | .LES® mean to you?

See this short video for what this Innovation is all about. About New Top Level Domains

  .LES®  |  .LESS™ Know it, Love it, Use it!™

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