.LESS  - THINK the new way!

Simply - our brand ".LESS™" is the online equivalent to the internet as "diet soft drinks" and "light beers" are to the beverage industry. If you know your history, you know how big and valuable those markets have become over the years. You will automatically know that you will be getting absolutely the VERY BEST deals, prices and more when you shop, buy and click everything from a ".LESS™" web site domain!

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.COM three times greater than its self equals .LESS™


.LESSis the ultimate online brand extension. Everything under management is precisely designed to make the internet better in endless ways to earn everyone’s traffic, sales, clicks, marketing dollars and more.

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We work hard to protect our unique intellectual property, patent pending technology, brand(s), source code and trade secrets which gives our innovation a competitive edge in the market place. Trademarks / Service Marks on file include all combinations of country codes, premium domain names and similar. ".LESS sm" is a service mark of and managed by AdvertisingStandards.org - Sought after board member positions will soon be available. Let us know if you are interested.
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Visit our new site that is being developed along with some of our other exciting innovations and brands!